Holy Moly!

“You and your fellow nuns have clearly gone rogue”
— Stephen Colbert

NUNS ON THE BUS is a funny, joyful and poignant feature-length documentary film following Sister Simone Campbell, leader of the historic Nuns On The Bus tour, as she challenges both the Catholic Church and US Government to reclaim their core values. This treacherous and heartwarming journey challenges our notions of religion and politics, the role of government, women and power, our own faith, and our sense of ourselves as a nation.

The film is an intimate story of one woman’s courage and leadership and the birth of a new movement to re-energize faith and values in everyday people as a powerful personal force for justice, compassion and community.

This film will serve as a springboard to inspire each of us to find our own voice and stand up to make a difference.


“To me, Jesus has always been about justice”
— Sister Simone Campbell


Sister Simone is a troublemaker

Sister Simone is a Catholic nun, a lawyer, an author, and a lobbyist.

In 2012 the Vatican censured the majority of American nuns for promoting “radical feminist themes.” Sister Simone’s organization NETWORK, a 40-year old Catholic social justice lobbying group founded by nuns, was specifically called out for focusing too much on poverty and justice issues and not speaking out against abortion and same-sex marriage.

Sister Simone and NETWORK responded by elevating the voices of Catholic Sisters even higher with a cross-country “Nuns On The Bus” tour, drawing attention to critical social justice issues including immigration reform, health care, and economic justice.

Suddenly Sister Simone seemed to be everywhere, appearing on 60 Minutes, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Moyers, The Rachel Maddow Show, the 2012 Democratic National Convention, and even a presidential meeting in the Oval Office.

Our film goes behind the scenes of Simone’s media spotlight, revealing both her public personae and private intimate moments. It’s in the space between these two that we come to understand what kind of leader Simone is and the challenges we face.

Sundance award-winning filmmaker Melissa Regan has been filming Sister Simone and the Nuns on the Bus since the beginning of this amazing journey in the summer of 2012. She has traveled with Sister Simone from the Iowa corn fields to the Oval Office, the Democratic National Convention, Rome, and Capitol Hill.

We have collected incredible stories from the road showing the everyday suffering among our neighbors and the impact the Sisters are having. We’ve interviewed House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and other insider politicans. We’ve heard from nuns, activists, and strategists about how Nuns on the Bus have captured lightning in a bottle and energized the so-called “religious left” to challenge faith-based conservative voices.

This film explores these critical issues of faith in government from a balanced viewpoint that inspires everyone to examine their own beliefs and actions.

Get On The Bus — Help Finish the Film!

We have so much extraordinary footage and now we need funds to complete the film, including the full edit, animation, music, footage licensing, and our outreach and engagement campaigns.

This story explores issues that are vital to everyone’s future, so if you are inspired by this movement, please join us, donate and spread the word.




Melissa Regan is a Sundance award-winning filmmaker, tech entrepreneur, educator and mechanical engineer.

Her 24-minute documentary NO DUMB QUESTIONS -- about 6, 9 and 11 year old sisters whose Uncle Bill becomes a woman -- received an award at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival and appeared on HBO, PBS and Oprah. The film and related educational campaigns are changing hearts, minds, and policies in schools, colleges, and communities around the world. 

Melissa has produced award-winning social change films for nonprofit and corporate clients, designed award-winning educational software, co-founded an early Internet software company, taught math, science and engineering, and published research on innovative uses of technology for learning. Client projects include an award-winning short documentary series for The Coca-Cola Company about water and sanitation in Africa and an e-learning Executive Education product line for the Stanford and Harvard Business Schools. She has a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.