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$10 = Our deep gratitude and a generous sprinkling of nun magic

$35 = Deep gratitude and TWO sprinklings of nun magic! 

$50 = Feed the film crew for a day. Yum. Plus deep gratitude and nun magic.

$100 = ONLINE STREAMING of the film (once it is complete)

$500 = "SPECIAL THANKS" Film Credit

$1,000 = "SPECIAL THANKS" Film Credit for two. Woo-hoo!

$5,000 = ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Film Credit. (You just helped us edit 5 new scenes. Wowser.)

$10,000 = PRODUCER Film Credit (10 new scenes in the can! Almost there!!)

$50,000 = EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Film Credit (Incredible. Just a few of these and this film will be fully funded!!)