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"To me, Jesus has always been about justice"

-- Sister Simone Campbell


Sister Simone Campbell and her band of feisty nuns fight for the poor and marginalized, challenge the Catholic church and US government, and wrestle with their own power and voice as they journey across an increasingly divided America.

Share their journey. Inspire courage. Help heal our nation.

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Sister Simone Campbell is a troublemaker.

Sister Simone is lobbying for poor people’s rights on Capitol Hill when she gets the news: Pope Benedict is punishing American nuns for being "radical feminists,” naming her specifically as a bad influence on the other nuns.  Her confusion and anger grow, when soon after US Rep. Paul Ryan claims his "Catholic social teaching" as justification for a new budget that would hurt the poor. Where are the values of the church? Where is this democracy going? Instead of backing down, she fights back, by hitting the road with a group of radical sisters and together they launch a movement.

Across the nation, the Sisters draw adoring crowds, pleas for help, and hostile opposition, while Simone emerges as a leader with celebrity status. She appears on talk shows from 60 Minutes to The Colbert Report, testifies before Congress, and even has a private meeting with President Obama. But prominence brings new conflicts, and Simone and her sisters wrestle with the tensions between their vision for change and the game of what’s “politically possible." Can they make a difference? Will they keep their promises to the people they swore to defend?

With grace and humor, the film follows Simone to strategy sessions with political operatives, confrontations with Christians troubled by her positions, connection with families torn apart by loss, and evenings of wine-fueled joviality with her sisters. Ultimately, the nuns must learn to embrace the discomfort of encounters with people who challenge them—such as Bill, their loyal bus driver who casts his first-ever vote for Trump, and mothers of young Black men killed by police, who demand they acknowledge their whiteness in new ways. Tracing Simone’s journey through an era of momentous change, the film offers a moving and timely exploration of what it means to truly dedicate your life to faith, justice and community.




We need the nuns now more than ever.

At a time of national political upheaval, this film is a salve, beacon and energizer for those motivated to become politically engaged, those feeling pain because of divides in their families or communities, and those personally threatened by recent events.

The film will help viewers find:

  • courage to speak and stand up;
  • a moral center, peace and grounding to heal and persist;
  • the strength and compassion to reach across divides, listen, and fight together to understand each other's struggles and create the way forward together for a fuller vision of "we the people;"
  • models of ordinary people standing up to make a difference;
  • the willingness to embrace uncomfortability while striving for reasonability.

A community engagement campaign with local and national partners will help maximize the film's impact on civic engagement and national conversations about persistent social divisions and the potential for political transformation.




There is already a strong base of support and growing hunger for this film.

We believe this film has the potential to breakout to help restore reason, sanity and care to our national conversation.


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People-powered filmmaking.

2018 Sundance Film Festival  panel featuring Sister Simone and filmmaker Melissa Regan.

2018 Sundance Film Festival panel featuring Sister Simone and filmmaker Melissa Regan.

Our deep, heartfelt thanks to the many individuals and organizations whose enthusiastic support is making this project possible. 




When I jumped on the bus and started filming, I had no idea we'd be given an opportunity to chronicle one of the most politically tumultuous periods in American history.

This journey has changed my life. I hope that by sharing it with you we can all travel with the Nuns on the Bus, learn their lessons along the way, and be fortified for the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

Thank you for all you do,

-- Melissa




Melissa Regan - Director / Producer / Cinematographer

Melissa is a Sundance award-winning filmmaker, tech entrepreneur, educator and mechanical engineer. Her 24-minute documentary No Dumb Questions -- about 3 young sisters whose Uncle Bill becomes a woman -- received an award at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival and appeared on HBO, PBS and Oprah. The film and related educational campaigns are changing hearts, minds, and policies in schools, colleges, and communities around the world.  

Melissa has produced award-winning social change films for nonprofit and corporate clients, designed award-winning educational software, co-founded an early Internet software company, taught math, science and engineering, and published research on innovative uses of technology for learning. Client projects include an award-winning short documentary series for The Coca-Cola Company about water and sanitation in Africa and an e-learning Executive Education product line for the Stanford and Harvard Business Schools. She has a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

Granted exclusive, behind-the-scenes access, Filmmaker Melissa Regan captured the intimacy, joy, struggles and truth of the nuns' incredible 5 year journey. She has filmed Sister Simone and the Nuns on the Bus since the very first day of the first bus trip in 2012, to the 2017 Women’s March on Washington; at home, in hotel rooms, at motherhouses, in Rome and everywhere in between.